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Free Consulations

I'm offering free consultations – online or in-person.
Including: goal setting, diet & exercise advice, and posture & form checks.


Health Movement is my brand of personal training with a strong focus on improving the health of my clients.

I do this by:

  • teaching every client how to look out for their own health
  • giving sound individualised advice on health, lifestyle and fitness training
  • being honest

I offer Personal Training Sessions for individuals and groups of two or three.

See Bookings and Personal Sessions for more information.

Fitness vs Health

Fitness and health are different things.

Fitness is more specific, and describes how good you are at an activity.
The better your cardiorespiratory fitness, the better your heart and lungs can cope with endurance activities like distance running.
Your ability to deadlift a heavy barbell is a different kind of fitness.
Your ability to hold a yoga pose is yet another kind of fitness.

Health is a measure of how free from and resistant to disease and injury you are. It also suggests how long you might live.
A healthy diet and sleeping pattern protect you from diseases of malnourishment and chronic stress.
Healthy bones, muscles and joints are less prone to disease and sudden injury.
Posture and movement patterns can be considered healthy or unhealthy. Slouching on a sofa or swivel chair is an unhealthy practice that can lead to chronic or acute low back pain through adaptive muscular imbalances.

There is much overlap, but pursuing fitness to an extreme typically compromises health – being the best at a given physical activity will come at a cost to the athlete’s health.
For most people improving their own health is a more fitting goal than setting a record, and this is achieved with a healthy balance of exercise, diet and lifestyle choices.

Knowing what your goals are is an essential first step in improving your health and/or fitness.


My name is Zakk Griffiths.

I’m a Personal Trainer and Nutrition & Weight Management Advisor.

I have an engineering degree in Materials Science & Engineering.
I have a few years’ experience with software development.

Health & Fitness

I have spent many years learning about health and fitness topics, mostly with the goals of applying the answers to myself. I then spent a lot of time tying it all together and focussing on clearing up the misinformation, with the intention of being able to explain it to other people, so they can apply it to themselves.

With my background in and affinity for the sciences, I tend to be sceptical and rigorous in picking apart “trendy advice” for its claimed health benefits.

My Current Focus

I’m practising personal training in Bridgnorth, mostly at The Gym Club.
I learn from every client, and I try to apply what I’ve learnt to provide the best service I can to all my clients.

I’m working on releasing content on this website and my YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business accounts.

Long term, I’ll be writing up my findings and thoughts on various health and fitness topics in the Blog of this website.

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