What’s it about?

What’s happening:

  • I’m learning how to use WordPress to build this website as I go
  • I’m waiting to recieve my Nutrition & Weight Management qualification, so I can start making phone calls and booking rooms at some venues
  • I’m putting together the lessons from what I’ve learnt (quite intensively) over the last few months (and in some areas years)


What I teach:

  • Dietary awareness
  • Nutrition in the context of weight gain/loss
  • Safe movement and lifting
  • Appropriate physical exercises
  • Critical thinking


The group sessions:

  • Each 2 hour session is going to involve 2 lessons (25-30 minutes each)
  • Groups of up to 12
  • We’ll work in pairs or teams, depending on the group size
  • There will be lots of group discussion, to make sure everyone is comfortable with the topics covered
  • There will be a break about half way through
  • The last half hour will be for questions and discussion as appropriate to that group
  • There should be some time for quick health checks for anyone interested

The lessons:

  • I’m trying include lots of interactive elements to the lessons, to keep things interesting and memorable. It’s not going to be solid half hour lectures.
  • Topics include:
    • Calories (in vs. out? good vs. bad?)
    • Protein, Fats, Carbs
    • Alcohol, Lifestyle, Stress, Smoking
    • Diets – understanding and applying or avoiding them
    • Strategies (e.g. the “one-ingredient rule”)
    • Vitamins, Minerals
    • Foods as sources of nutrition
    • Hydration
    • Dietary myths
    • Cardiovascular health and appropriate exercise
    • Correcting movement faults (knees aren’t supposed to hurt)
    • Posture (lower back pain, shoulder issues)
    • Safe lifting (from boxes to toddlers)
    • Flexibility, Mobility, Stability
    • Critical thinking (who to trust, and how to know it)

In-group quick health checks:

  • I’m offering to run the numbers for anyone who wants a quick health check using their body measurements, diet and exercise levels, assuming you know your measurements.
    For a full health check involving food diary analysis, which takes some time, please book an Individual Health Assessment.

Individual Health Assessments:

  • These are 1 hour one-to-one sessions (but you can bring someone for moral support – I only charge for the person being assessed)
  • Ideally, we would meet weekly to monitor and discuss progress
  • For the initial assessment we’ll gather your data by taking measurements like weight, heart rate and blood pressure, and for assessing food intake we’ll go through a 24 hour recall of everything you ate and drank the previous day
    • For future meetings, food intake will be based on your food diary
  • The data goes into my laptop and I’ll show you what the numbers say
  • If you need to lose weight, we will work out how much, and then we’ll work out a realistic timeframe, and what strategies and changes we can use to make it happen
  • I’ll show you how to read food packaging and identify problem foods
  • We’ll start a food diary
    • NOTE: this will take a few minutes of your time each day, and is a positive habit you should aim to stick to, at least 3 days per week
  • This will help you to think about what’s in the foods you eat, and what times of day you tend to eat. You’ll be able to spot trends in your eating habits
  • I will provide you with all of the information from the group course lessons
  • I will follow up with you after an agreed time, to check your progress
  • We can reassess after 4-6 weeks and ensure your current diet is sustainable



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