Group Sessions

Group Health Classes


My Group Health Classes are designed to teach you how to manage your own health, which extends to things like:

  • losing/maintaining bodyweight
  • improving/maintaining fitness for whatever goals you have
  • improving your disease risk factors
  • improving your general wellbeing

Your role

You can manage your own health by getting an understanding of the various diet and lifestyle choices we’re all faced with, how they typically affect our long term health, and what we can do to make better choices without feeling like we’re missing out on something.

Consistency is key, so you need to like doing “the right things”.
This might require changing how you think about healthy living.

What I teach

  • Dietary awareness
  • Nutrition in the context of weight gain/loss
  • Safe movement and lifting
  • Appropriate physical exercises
  • Critical thinking

Topics Covered

See the Topics page for the course contents.


Let me know, so I can spend more time bringing them to you.

Who is this course NOT intended for?

Please note that I am not qualified to give advice for anyone who is:

pregnant / breastfeeding
under 16
• with a medical condition that requires a special diet

These people require a specialist – a doctor or dietician.

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