Here, I’ll list people whose works are relevant to health and fitness.
I’ll expand their entries with my thoughts on them and their works, and links to resources of theirs.

They tend to be Low Carb High Fat diet advocates.
They also tend to respect the scientific method.

I will at some point search explicitly for Low Fat High Carb advocates who present their cases scientifically, to try and balance out the viewpoints.

Gary Taubes

American journalist, writer and low-carb advocate.

Has a background in physics.
WroteGood Calories, Bad Calories (2007)”, “Why We Get Fat (2010)”, “The Case Against Sugar (2016)”


Benjamin Bikman, PhD

Specialist in insulin resistance.

Studies: metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes.
Advocate and practitioner of ketotic diet and intermittent fasting.


Dr Aseem Malhotra

British consultant cardiologist and professor of evidence-based medicine.

[Video about low carb diet for treating diabetes and cardiovascular diseases]

[Video about the misuse of and misinformation about statins]


Dr Jason Fung

Canadian nephrologist, author.

Expert on intermittent fasting and low carb dieting.
WroteThe Complete Guide to Fasting (2016)”, “The Obesity Code… (2016)”, “The Diabetes Code… (2018)”

I find that he oversimplifies the typical arguments he expects from the opposing camps – those who disagree with the Hormone Model of weight control.
He very strongly opposes the idea of “Calories In, Calories Out”.

I find the fact that people argue over this frustrating, so I will very clearly delineate the two models to the extent that I can relate to them.


Ivor Cummins

Irish chemical engineer with a career spent solving complex problems.

Brought the skills of his trade to the fields of health and medicine.
His website’s contact page has his bio.
He gives detailed and quite comprehensive lectures on the biochemistry of chronic diseases.
He strongly advocates the medical scan: “CAC” (coronary artery calcification), which is an X-ray of the heart that actually shows the extent of calcified plaque build-up.

[His website]


Prof. Tim Noakes, MD, DSc

Experienced and respected South African research scientist, specialising in sports physiology.

Advocates LCHF (low carb high fat) diets.
He’s run 70 marathons/ultramarathons.

[See his page for more]


Dave Feldman

Software engineer who runs dietary experiments on himself to prove his theories.

Especially interested in cholesterol.
Eats a LCHF (low carb high fat) diet.

See his website to learn about his findings and ongoing experiments relating to cholesterol.

[His YouTube channel]

[Video where he explains cholesterol results]

[Video: “The Dynamic Influence of a High Fat Diet on Cholesterol Variability”]

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