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Personal Sessions

There are two different approaches to my personal sessions:

  1. A Health focussed approach
  2. A Fitness focussed approach

However, both approaches start with the same important procedure – helping you decide what your goals should be.

Which Approach Is For You?

If Health is your main focus and you are not intending to join a gym, an Individual Health Assessment with a Home Workout Plan and some Health Advice would be the way to go.

If your goals are related to body image or exercise performance, you would benefit more from an exercise programme and one or more Personal Training sessions.

Individual Health Assessments

for personalised NutritionWeight Management and Health Advice

Typically 1 hour sessions.
£30/hour in-person | £25/hour online

One-to-one assessment.
Bring a friend for moral support if you want to.

We will assess your state of health, factoring in body measurements, diet, activities, lifestyle, and habits.

I will screen your posture and movement for common issues like low back, knee and shoulder pains.
We’ll then discuss how corrective exercises and mindful habits can be used to achieve and maintain healthy posture and movement patterns.

We will discuss your goals.

We can then work out a realistic timeframe and a set of short and long term strategies to help you achieve your goals.

These strategies might include dietary changes, a personalised exercise programme, and practising coping skills such as time management and sleep hygiene.

Personal Training

for personalised Exercise Programmes and Movement & Lifting Coaching

Typically 1 hour sessions.
£30/hour in-person | £25/hour online

Rates vary for longer/shorter and group sessions.

One-to-one training, or groups of 2 or 3 on request.
You may bring a training partner to learn with you, but I will only be giving specific training advice to paying clients.

I will screen your posture and movement for common issues.
Your personalised exercise programme will be built using the relevant corrective exercises as lead-ins to your main fitness progressions. [example]

Depending on your fitness goals and training experience, I will coach you on the main barbell lifts, or a more relevant selection of exercises.

Session Structure

Whether you opt for an Individual Health Assessment or a Personal Training session, the session structure will have much in common.

The first session will involve:

  • Signing the paperwork (legal docs & questionnaires)
  • Health & fitness tests
  • Goal setting
  • Discussing good posture and movement
  • Discussing nutrition
  • (Exercise demonstrations and practice)

Future sessions will involve:

  • Starting/continuing your exercise routine
  • Testing/re-testing your performance to track your progress
  • Monitoring your health and fitness metrics
  • Checking your diet and lifestyle are in line with your goals

Health & Fitness Tests

  • Body composition tests
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness tests
  • Muscular fitness tests
  • Flexibility tests
  • Balance tests

The results of these tests will be used to decide on specific, measurable health and fitness goals that are appropriate for you.

Book a Personal Session

Please see Bookings for how to contact me for a consultation.

After Booking

What next?

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