Preparing for Sessions


Dress comfortably and so you are free to move.
I recommend loose fitting or stretchable clothes.

Your First Session

Your first session will be mostly about assessing your current state of health and fitness, discussing your goals, and planning the next few weeks.

Please bring with you any medical information that may be relevant.

With your consent, we will be able to take the following measurements during the assessment:

  • Weight
  • Blood pressure, heart rate
  • Body fat estimations
  • Height, waist, hip, and others if agreed useful

NOTE: For more accurate blood pressure and heart rate readings, please avoid caffeine and vigorous exercise on the day of the assessment

Your Data

All personal data will be kept secure.
I can send you a copy upon request.
It will be deleted promptly upon request.


For direct debit payments (whether one-off or regular) I will send you a PayLink.
Just click/tap the link and fill in your details.

I also accept cards (including contactless) or cash.

When to Pay

I don’t expect payment in advance for the first session.
After your first session, I will typically ask for payment in blocks (e.g. 4 sessions per month).

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