Sample Home Exercise Programme


Anonna Rando

Age 43

Runs 2-4 times/week – on and off due to knee pain
Struggles keeping weight off, despite following ostensibly healthy diet

Gets pain in outside of right knee when running
Low back pain comes and goes

Poor ankle dorsiflexion

Exercise Programme Features

IT Band Syndrome Rehabilitation

  • Foam rolling TFL and IT Band
  • Complete avoidance of running movements
  • Glute Activation drill

Low Back Rehabilitation

  • (Core Circuit)
  • (Glute Activation)
  • (Chair Sit)

Lower Body Strength and Conditioning

  • Reverse Lunge, intervals
  • Goblet Squat, including holds

Core Activation, Stability and Strength Circuit

  • Abdominal Hollowing, 4-point kneeling
  • Ab Curl
  • Oblique Ab Curl
  • Prone Spinal Extension
  • Glute Bridge
  • Side Plank
  • Plank


  • Chair Sit


  • Calf Stretch, on stairs
  • Hip Extensor, Adductor Stretch Drill
  • Hamstring Stretch Drill

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