Tim Noakes

Experienced and respected South African research scientist, specialising in sports physiology.

Advocates LCHF (low carb high fat) diets.
He’s run 70 marathons/ultramarathons.

He wrote a well known book on running (Lore of Running) in which he advocated a high carbohydrate diet for fueling the activity. He publicly apologised years later for writing it, in light of his new views on carbohydrates in the diet. He’s in the process of rewriting the book, wherein he’ll change a couple of chapters completely and update the others.
The point is that a good scientist (and honest person) will change their mind when presented with evidence that runs counter to their initial beliefs.

See the following for more about him:


Lore of Nutrition

In Lore of Nutrition, [Tim] explains the science behind the low-carb, high-fat/Banting diet, and why he champions this lifestyle despite the constant persecution and efforts to silence him. He also discusses at length what he has come to see as a medical and scientific code of silence that discourages anyone in the profession from speaking out against the current dietary guidelines.


Short Videos

A brief summary of Tim Noakes’ views on diet and exercise for the purpose of improving health

Longer Videos

HealthHackers Ep 10: journalist Gemma Evans speaks to Professor Tim Noakes, the ultra-runner who turned his back on carbs & sparked a movement.

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